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Yesterday I coached Neil Parker. This is his verdict.

Yesterday I coached Neil Parker. This is his verdict. “I came to see Jon to hopefully get a better understanding of why I lost concentration and confidence on the golf course, I left with a completely new way of approaching the way I practice and play. Jon’s methods do not involve lots of goals and structure and do’s and dont’s and motivational thoughts he simply gets you to a place of freedom and concentration that allows you to just feel at ease. He lets you discover the answers for yourself. As I hit balls on the range I truely felt like it was the best I had ever hit the ball in a practice session, just by letting go of all the swing thought and technical positions I found a swing that felt effortless and produced the shots I wanted to play. I would highly recommend Jon to anyone looking for a new approach to performance coaching through learning how to let go and let that great swing find you. Instead of endless searching by hitting millions of balls, today was a revelation in the way I think and approach the way I play.” NEIL PARKER PGA ASSISTANT PROFESSONAL

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