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4 reviews for 6 x 30 minute Coaching Calls

  1. Jonny Lonsdale

    Hi Jon,

    Hope all is well with you.

    Been wanting to drop you a line for a little while now, but kind of wanted to wait to see if I had any huge success to report, but that hasn’t actually been the case! At least in that sense.

    I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the season, and everything that we discussed has helped dramatically.

    No longer do I build myself up into an anxious state during the week, piling on the pressure, I’ve been turning up and playing the course on the day and in the moment.

    Whilst I haven’t set the world on fire with my scoring, my handicap is steadily reducing with a few level rounds.

    This Saturday I think was the moment I realised just how far I’d come and hence why I wanted to email you today. I didn’t start great, but hung in there on the front 9, and then played some of the best golf I ever have on the back 9, which included 3 gross birdies and a couple of pars. It actually left me with a decent score and another slight reduction in my handicap.

    It wasn’t the score nor the outcome that prompted me to email you, one of my good friends said afterwards not only did I recover well but he said it was the first time he’d seen me so relaxed and enjoying the round even after a few poor holes at the start. Really was pleasing and confirmed that I’ve come quite a long way in just a short time.

    I’ve had two wins in knockout matches, from similar positions to where I struggled last year, leading with a couple of holes left and instead of freezing and over thinking the final few shots, I was able to finish both matches strongly making good decisions and striking the ball well even in those pressured situations.

    Another positive for me was playing in an area individual championship, I didn’t shoot a great score, but it was the biggest event I’ve taken part in and although I struggled with my short game (really tough pins and much faster greens that I had been used to) I played nicely and look forward to hopefully playing in some more big events in the future.

    So whilst I haven’t had a ridiculously low score, my game is improving very quickly and my ability to get through a round with less stress and anxiety has given me some really exciting moments so far this summer.

    The school holidays are upon us (It’s the time of year when I try and play as much golf as I can!) so I will look forward to continuing to progress and enjoy my golf.

    Best regards
    Jonny Lonsdale

  2. Nigel Dench

    Since our last call, again a really good day of enjoyable golf and I got my feel and swing back to where it was before. It certainly wasn’t perfect and there were times where focus and concentration wasn’t there but when it was it was great but more importantly I enjoyed playing again and never thought about the score until after the round.

  3. Brian Dungeon – USA

    Hey Jon,

    Since we spoke my putting has dramatically improved but I’m definitely not yip free. Day before yesterday I knocked it on a par four in one and made a 25 footer for eagle. Before I spoke to you I couldn’t seem to hit any putt without controlling the shit out of it and definitely a yip every time just depends on how bad. I’m learning to let go again and having fun!

  4. Nigel Dench

    After we spoke on Friday the 1st I went out in the afternoon and played golf with a friend and had a great 9 holes. I played with a relaxed freedom that I hadn’t felt in years and really let go on my tee shots which allowed my hands to release and I got through the ball hitting great shots. Irons were the same and I struck them with crisp sharpness like the good old days. I had a few mistakes which were really a lapse in focus but nothing terrible. It was a game that felt like it had previously when I had some confidence I could hit the ball roughly where I wanted.

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