Full Swing Driver Yips

If you are struggling with the full swing yips then please don’t suffer in silence, drop me an email or call me. I hope I can help you just as I have helped lots of golfers with these problems over the last 20 years that I have been coaching yippers of all varieties.

Full Swing Yips Types

Can’t take the club away. Stuck at the bottom.

Can’t drop the club from the top of the swing. Stuck at the top.

Scared of the big miss

Stutter through the swing practice swing is fine.

Practice swing looks very different to the real swing


There are many ways to tackle the problem of the full swing Yips and Driver yips.

If you have tried technical fixes and are still stuck then perhaps it’s time you took a look at a different approach.

I’m not talking about positive thinking either.

Perhaps a change of attitude will help you and a change in how you focus as you play these shots and swing the golf club.

New practice regimes and an approach that allows you to experience more freedom.

Practical and enjoyable coaching. On the telephone or in person on the range and golf course.

Let me help you cure your full swing yips by requesting a call back below.

Kevin Na Yips               

Kevin Na had such a bad case of the yips that he could not pull the trigger on his tee shots. He had the driving yips, something I have helped many people overcome. He got so used to overanalysing his shots that his mind became stuck.

To cure his yips, Kevin Na changed his focus over his shots and that is what I will have you do with your putting yips, chipping yips or driving yips. He stopped thinking about mechanics and instead observed his balance, placing his mind in his body. This can be a really effective putting yip drill if done correctly.

“Having the yips, I think because I went through that, I’m a better player now,” Na said. “I hope people get over that and see me as just a guy that’s playing well on TOUR versus a guy that couldn’t take the club back.”

Na says he will always have the yips at maybe 5% but he is ok with that. This is a well balanced attitude to the problem.

“I thought the session was well worth the time spent. It just brought home to me how reliant I had become on having to many golf lessons and becoming a bit of a robot. It appears yips cannot be solved by swing coaching alone.”

Gary Scott

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