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Putting yips or chipping yips – most golfers at some stage of their golfing career would have experienced them to one degree or another. Pulling an important putt or dunching a chip shot is a similar, but far less severe forms of yips. By that I mean that anxiety or self doubt causes you to momentarily lose your ability to make a smooth stroke.

Don’t be fooled by the innocuous sounding name, the Yips can take hold of a golfer and cause havoc with their putting or chipping technique. The Yips, this short sounding word can have long-term damaging consequences on the confidence of a golfer. Neither amateurs nor professionals are immune to their debilitating effect.

The yips are a strong form of interference from your mind which makes your body move in a jerky motion. Some, but not all, players are fine in practice and only suffer in competition. Others think it is a swing mechanics issue and keep looking for fixes.


Cure Your Putting Yips


Cure Your Chipping Yips

Your putting yips or chipping yips are not caused by poor mechanics. They are caused by a loss of focus due to mental interference, most often brought on by anxiety or self doubt.

I have read lots and lots of books on golf psychology. None of them deal with the yips as far as I can recall. In my experience neither swing fixes nor positive thinking work in overcoming the yips. From experience, working with players with the putting yips or chipping yips, amateurs and professionals, I have developed a way of practice and playing which can help golfers overcome them.

The first thing for you to do if you have the Yips is to own up to it and take responsibility for them. It’s not mechanical. It’s you. Once you take ownership of your yips you can stop looking outside for answers and begin to look for the answers inside yourself, which is where the problem lies.

It would take me a very long time to write down how I have helped players overcome the chipping yips and putting yips, as the cause of each players yips is slightly different from the next, so the remedy is a personal one. However there are common techniques to help all putting yips and chipping yips, so why not call me and come to see me for one day’s coaching. I offer no guarantees; I would rather be honest with you than make ridiculous promises. However, my experience is that if you are patient and persistent, you can overcome the yips. My clients have proved it time and again.

My number is 07850 229722. Call me. It’s a free chat so you have nothing to lose.

If you cannot come for one to one coaching then you can buy the “Overcome The Yips Video Series” and have Telephone Coaching Support with me to help you as you find your way out of this mental problem.

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