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The Philosophy of Golf

Golf can be an enjoyable hobby to some, an obsession for others, even a religion to those dedicated few!

If you have lost faith in your golfing skills and are looking for enlightenment, Jon Adler, founder of Golf is a Mind Game could be your saviour. He is offering a unique performance coaching service, which offers practical advice and exercises on how to harness and unleash the power of the mind to improve your game.

If the more traditional coaching techniques haven’t worked for you, this more meditative and reflective approach, inspired by Eastern spirituality might be just the answer to your golfing prayers.

Jon Adler is a trained Mind Sports Psychologist, and has spent the last ten years studying and developing his universal golf improvement principals. They have been successfully applied to help professional and amateur golfers alike to overcome inconsistency, regain confidence and increase concentration levels to improve performance.

Adler comments: “My coaching helps people to focus their mind, but in order to do that my clients learn how to let go of anxieties, pay attention to what they are doing and recapture that childlike joy of playing the game. The philosophy has its roots in how to live in and enjoy the present moment.”

This may sound a simple and straightforward approach, but, in Jon’s experience people find it incredibly difficult to let their controlling and wandering mind be free from golfing expectations and self-taught constraints.

His golfers develop the ability to achieve an equanamous state of mind – to focus upon one thing and achieve a Buddhist like state of concentration and meditation. Playing golf without the fear messing up, nor the unhelpful craving for success.

Adler is certainly no charlatan – he has repeatedly demonstrated the success of his philosophy, in 2009, he won the prestigious Bournemouth Open, the only 72 Hole Amateur Handicapped Competition in the UK – and then defended it in 2010 – a feat that has never been witnessed in the competitions 59 years existence. Furthermore he has coached a number of high profile golfing professionals, most recently coaching Kevin Spurgeon through to winning the European Seniors Open (Mauritius 2010).

One recent client commented: “I felt reborn after my coaching sessions with Jon – his advice and practical techniques have been an inspiration, its like he has taken down that brick wall that was constantly holding me back in my game, my enjoyment and performance level have both improved enormously. I am definitely a convert!”

If you are interested to find out more, Jon is running a number of sessions at Dudsbury Golf Club in Bournemouth which are open to professional and keen amateur golfers.

For further information, please log onto: or call: 07850229722

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