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Stop Thinking

At the precise moment when you swing the golf club, where do you place your attention?You have approximately 1.6 secs in which to complete your swing so what goes through your mind?

If you are like some players you start thinking about how you should swing.

Turn the shoulders, cock the wrists, bring it down on the inside, head down, roll the hands through impact. All this in 1.6 seconds???

Or you may think you are not thinking of swing thoughts so you have a clear mind. What happens then is, during the middle of your backswing you have a thought that says “Oh no that’s not right.” Next thing you know you hit a bad shot.

I’ll bet that when you are playing well you are not thinking about much at all. Think back to when you played really well, was your mind cluttered or clear?

I already know the answer, your mind was free from worry about swing mechanics or mental interference of any kind.

Thats why players sometimes experience a dip in form after a lesson. They take the information away from where it is supposed to be used and ingrained, on the range, and start trying to remember how to do it just right on the course. This causes tension to build which leads to frustration and poor scores.

Stop trying to get the perfect swing on the golf course and start playing with the swing you have brought with you. This way you will experience much less tension and frustration, and you will enjoy the game more. What effect do you think enjoying your game more will have on your scores?

To find out where to place your attention for maximum focus, hire me as your coach.

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