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Service in Golf

When we help those that are less fortunate we become a little more selfless and a little less selfish.

How can this help your golf I hear you say?

By giving you a sense of perspective. Stop dwelling on your problems and realise that there is a much bigger picture out there. Less “poor me” and more “poor you”.
It also feels good to help others and feeling good is useful for golf and for life.

Scientific studies have shown that helping others is one of the easiest ways to bring joy into your own life.

A simple way you could align your golf with service to others is by donating an amount of cash to a charity for every par or birdie that you shoot. Or perhaps you could give a percentage of your winnings to a charity. This way your game takes on a greater cause and your success is shared by those less fortunate.

Bubba Watson, recent winner of the 2012 Masters, has always aligned his golfing success with charitable contributions as do many of the top sportsmen of our time.He says the winning paychecks help tremendously with funding the causes close to his heart.
“Winning is awesome,” he says. “A pastor friend of mine wanted to start a nondenominational church and I was able to help him out with that when I came into a lot of prize money really quick! It’s an honor to help the organizations I want to be a part of, so coming first in tournaments in January and then May helped me have more money so I can keep helping. Don’t get me wrong, I’m competitive and want to beat everyone but the most important thing is being able to help those in need.”

I know these golfers have wealth that is beyond most of us, but the principal remains a good one.

Quite often people who have recently lost a loved one, start playing with a different perspective, with less concern for the outcome they dedicate their game to the lost person, and often go on to win.

You don’t need to suffer a bereavement to change.

Aligning your goals with service to others is a great way to change your perspective and give your golf a higher meaning.“Even though you may want to move forward in your life, you may have one foot on the brakes. In order to be free, we must learn how to let go.

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