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Phil Mickleson Expects Nothing & Shoots 60

Phil Mickleson just shot a first round of 60 and when asked afterwards by reporters when his round really got going Phil said ” I really had no expectations coming into today’s round. I haven’t been hitting it great, I felt a bit rusty and I just went ahead and played quite conservatively but everything just fell into place.”

The fact that Phil came into the event with no expectations allowed him to keep an open mind. An open mind gives you a better chance of remaining calm and this balanced mindset allows you to play freely.

No need for super confidence or getting pumped up.

Just a relaxed balanced mind. Of course Phil also has a super talent but don’t miss out on the learning here.
Expectations unbalance the mind. Keep yourself free from them at all costs.
Just because you played well recently that doesnʼt mean that you will today. Keep your mind open.
samson LeighJust yesterday I played with a good local golfer, Tim Harty, who was -2 stood on the eighteenth tee. He hit a great drive down the fairway and he turned to me and said “Thatʼs it, Iʼll be cut to +1 now which is what I want.” I reminded him that he had not finished his round yet and he replied, “I have only got a gap wedge in to the green. The worst I will make is a four, I promise.” He then proceeded to mishit his gap wedge, chip on to four feet and miss the putt for a five and miss out on his handicap cut.


How often have you played really well one day and gone out to play golf the next time, full of
confidence only to play really poorly. Expectations get in the way.
If you expect things to turn out a certain way you will become frustrated if that does not begin to
happen. This frustration will interfere with your ability to concentrate your mind and will ruin your
So, expect less – get more.

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