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PGA Championship 2011

I enjoyed watching the PGA Championship last weekend and was really interested to hear Keegan Bradley’s comments before his final round. He sais that his goal for the week was too ” undereact” during each round. Not get too down about double bogeys or worse, not get to up about birdies or eagles. Staying calm was his intention. He did pretty well until that long putt at 17, when he was fist pumping! He is human afterall and with a firm intention he remained calm for the four days.
       This ties in with my understanding of high performance, you need to remain equanamous, calm like Keegan did. Dufner had a similar attitude. So does Donald, Westwood, Kaymer. Most of these guys, when playing well, remain calm. This way the mind remains balanced and focus is strong and performance is good.
Are you allowing the game to take you on a rollecoaster of emotions out on the golf course? If it helps you to perform then keep doing it but I imagine that if you really pay attention, your performance drops off.
You could set an intention to remain calm and equanamous for the next few rounds.
 After every three holes rate your calmness out of 10. 
 10 being really calm.  1 being up and down, high and low.

Find out for yourself what works best.
Alternatively, come for some coaching with me or attend the golf school to really experience what a calm mind will do for your golf game,
Sportingly yours until next time,
Jon Adler

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