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Novac, Peyton & Kareem on Elite Performance

Peyton Manning was one of the all time greatest Quarterbacks in the NFL. Here is what he says about performing under pressure, “What separates the top few from the many in a sport? Mentality. ”

Tennis great Novak Djokovic further explains: “[Among the] top 100 players, physically there is not much difference. . . . It’s a mental ability to handle the pressure, to play well at the right moments.”

The importance of the mental side of performance was once brilliantly summed up by basketball legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: “Your mind is what makes everything else work.”

So your mental game matters the most. Physical ability alone rarely translates into a superior on-field performance. Even naturally gifted athletes who want to perform to their total potential need outstanding physical and mental strengths, because their secret to great performances is not their innate athleticism or technical skills–it’s their minds.

Ready to work on yours?

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