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Mind Games – Turning Golf Coaching on its Head in Dorset

I’ve spent the last ten years breaking away from the traditional methods of coaching with what some have said is a groundbreaking and unique philosophy, which focuses on concentrating and understanding the mind which has lead me to work with some of the country’s top professional golfers. 

My previous career as a Performance Coach (which helped struggling businesses) ignited a passion in me to understand how the mysteries of the mind could be unlocked in order to achieve our full potential. “I have always loved the game of golf ever since I was a child, but as an adult I had become stilted in my game and disillusioned with my golfing ability. One day I began to experiment with Mind Performance techniques and coupled it with Timothy Gallwey’s book The Inner Game of Golf – I was astonished at how both my performance and enjoyment of golf improved.”

Keen to understand the working of the mind, I travelled around the world learning from an eclectic mix of theorists, psychologists and spiritual advisors, including visits to Buddhist Monks, attending courses on Eastern philosophies and meditation.  “I discovered that there are universal principals that apply to us all, the common thread was that in order to be successful in life, one must overcome the Ego and become your own true teacher.”

Although the theory may sound too ‘out there’ for some, I believe I have proven that my advice really works; in 2009 I won the prestigious Bournemouth Open the only 72 Hole Amateur Handicapped Competition in the UK – and then defended it in 2010 – a feat that has never been witnessed before.

 “By practicing meditative techniques I was able to focus my mind at critical stages of the game. Not only was I able to thoroughly enjoy the Open but I found that I could perform to my potential within the competitive environment.”

I have coached golfers on all of the Tours and now work with many of the country’s top golfing professionals. I most recently worked with Kevin Spurgeon, winner of the European Seniors Open, Mauritius 2010. Kevin Spurgeon was kind enough to say: “I would recommend a Mind Coach to anyone that is looking to improve their performance, Alder’s philosophy tackles issues such as Fear and Performance Anxiety head on and these techniques goes beyond the usual positive thinking and visualisations– it certainly helped me enormously.”

I founded the company Golf is a Mind Game, which offers the only practical golf psychology courses in the UK. The courses take place at Dudsbury Golf Club, Bournemouth and are open to both professional golfers and keen amateurs.  There are a range of courses from one-to-one sessions, clinics, Mind Psychology Support for the season, to a golf coaching school. Jamie Hall, who attended one of my courses said: “The first week I worked with Jon, I won the following tournament…I feel like he is my secret weapon, my ticket to the Big Time.”

For further information about Jon Alder and Golf is a Mind Game or to book a course, please log onto or call: 01202 522152.

If you would like to find out more about Golf is a Mind Game or would like to interview Jon Adler, please contact Darren Northeast of Spiral MPR (working on behalf of Jon Adler) on 01202 676762 or

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