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Lessons from Phil Mickleson


Phil Mickelson‘s win at  the WGC in Mexico was his first for over 4 years. I found it interesting that in his interview he talked about his frustration, something we all experience in golf. A change in attitude as well as plenty of work led to victory again.

“Believing that my game is good enough, knowing that results will come and then just being patient and letting it happen.”

Isn’t this something you could learn from? You may not possess Phil’s talent but when you play your best you have the ability to win. Instead of Phil’s optimistic and realistic approach, l bet you usually doubt your ability and try very hard instead of being patient and letting it happen.

There is more on this in my book here.

How do you cope with anxiety before a big round? Do you worry in the days leading up to it that you may be nervous? Well you don’t need to worry. YOU WILL BE NERVOUS!

Mickelson: ‘I love that nervous feeling when you’re in contention’

“I was certainly nervous heading into today’s round. The pre round warm up. All that stuff that’s all part of it though and that’s what’s exciting and that’s what I’ve missed. I’ve really missed that nervous feeling coming into Sunday”

Remember this. Being nervous does not mean that you cannot play well. Accept it. Observe it. And play your game.

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Jon Adler

Performance Coach

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