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John Adler Doesn’t Believe in Positive Thinking!

Jon Adler, is not a believer in Positive Thinking. “In reality, if we are trying really hard to be positive then there is probably a little bit of fear just underneath the surface, saying “I am going to play great today?” over and over does not really mask the reality that you could play like a dog. 

Instead of pretending this fear or anxiety is not there by spouting positivity, why not deal with reality? “I would like this to be a good day but it may not be.” This optimistic but realistic outlook is a much more honest way for you to go about playing golf and can lead to playing to your potential more often.


“Keep your expectations low!  When golfers go out to play their high expectations can

unbalance the mind and cause a loss of concentration and consequently poor performance.

Expect less, get more!”

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