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Is Your Mind Sharp Enough for Golf?

I have found that it doesn’t matter that the Pro’s I Coach are on another level ability wise, as when it comes down to matters of the mind, we all suffer from similar worries and neurosis. We all share the same mind if you like. Even though my experiences are unique to me, I have discovered that there are universal principles that apply to us all.

We are all told that the mind plays a big part in golf yet so little emphasis is placed on the mental side of golf. We are bombarded with endless drills for technique yet so few for developing the skill that underpins all peak performance, concentration of the mind or focus. We get the odd tip to breath deeply, imagine playing your best round and so on, but does this really go far enough into understanding the mental side of golf performance?

Through my own practice and with the help of some great teachers, I have come to understand the role our mind plays in golf and how it affects the body. I have developed techniques and practices to sharpen the mind for golf, so that you can play your best golf when it matters.

There are many different subtle levels of distinction which become apparent when your mind becomes sharper. Golfers have often described an unusual sense of clarity on the rare occasion that they enter “The Zone”. This comes from a heightened ability to observe the subtle sensations in and around you. You feel more connected to your swing, to the target, to the game and to yourself. You think less about technique yet performance levels increase, often dramatically.

 This feeling and performance comes from a having a sharp golf mind.

Conversely, when you are playing poorly you feel distracted and your ability to sense the subtlest of sensations within you disappears leaving you scratching your head as to the reason for your loss of form. You worry over your shots and you feel disconnected from your swing, the target, the game and yourself. You think more about technique but performance drops off.

This feeling and performance comes from having a dull golf mind.

At times like these you  crave for a return of good form and this craving causes you to lose the balance of your mind even further and you begin the fruitless search for answers from your technique, even though some part of you intuitively knows that your technique is not the real problem and that searching there will only lead to more frustration.

An alcoholic knows perfectly well that he should not drink, but he cannot stop himself as he has no control over his mind.


Similarly golfers are stuck in this endless loop of craving and aversion. Desperately wanting to find good form again and the intense fear of not finding it. This is often not a technical problem.

Only by tackling the problem at the level it occurs can lasting results be achieved. Somehow we must learn to strengthen the mind so that it becomes firm and stable.

Stop allowing your mind to dictate how you react to golf and to life. Come for some Performance Coaching to learn how to sharpen and strengthen your mind for golf so that you can play your best golf when it matters.

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