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Jon Adler Golf Psych / Performance Coach


My name is Jon Adler.

I am a Welshman and I now live in Bournemouth with my family.

I currently coach golfers of all abilities.  I have studied with some great mentors and trainers, each of them helping me to learn for myself.


My goal is to enable you to learn for yourself what works and what doesn’t work with regard to swinging a golf club and focusing your mind well.  As well as being a Mind Coach to some great golfers I consider myself to be a student of the game of golf.

My own journey began when I read Tim Gallwey’s book The Inner Game of Golf.  I found a new way to learn about my swing for myself using my own experience and awareness.  My performance and enjoyment improved dramatically.  So by chance, I began to coach a friend at my local golf club.  I am not a swing coach.  My interest is in how we use the mind or the mind uses us.

We worked together and concentrated on awareness and focus exercises and his enjoyment of the game, which had disappeared long ago, returned and his scores got better too.  He shot a course record for an amateur at his club. I soon began working with golfers of all descriptions. From Amateurs to Touring Professionals.

I traveled with The European Tour watching and learning from Jos Vanstiphout, another mentor,  who was working with the world’s top golfers at the time. Goosen, Els, Garcia, Clarke, McGinley and many more.

I continued to train myself with other pioneers in this field and traveled around the world to gain more insights. From Meditation Masters in India to great coaches from the USA and the UK.

I got recommended to other golfers and the list of players I now coach has grown to include keen amateurs and professionals who are all looking to improve.  Added to that is a list of Touring Professionals on the European Tour, Senior Tour, Challenge Tour and others.

This understanding of your mind is available to anybody.  You do not need to be a certain standard of golfer to understand your mind, play better golf and improve your focus and concentration.  The same universal principles apply to us all.

I believe that learning to improve in golf is best done through your own experience and when you do learn this way, the learning happens quicker and is more enjoyable.  It is easier to experience it than to write about it!  I play the game myself and all of my coaching comes from my own experiences not from a book!  I have had some success as an amateur.   Take a look if you like, click this link.

Adler puts his mind to winning trophy

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It’s really not about me, it’s about you.  So, if you feel that you can improve your golf and you are curious about how your mind works then please contact me.  I will be pleased to hear from you.

Sportingly yours

Jon Adler

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