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Well my newsletter went out and I’ve had a great response so far!

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For now though, if you’re looking for ways to improve your golf game, then my next three blogs are just for you, the first of which is below.  Enjoy!

Blog One – TRUST 

golf is a mind game

Sometimes, I bring some chocolate biscuits or cakes home to my house and my son Callum, will tuck right into them and eat most of them before we get a chance. His mother then began to hide the biscuits in a cupboard to stop him. Callum is a smart boy and he would hunt them down, find those chocolate biscuits and eat them.  I decided that hiding them was not the best policy so the next time I brought them home I told him that he could have a few but then he was to leave them for everyone else to enjoy. I placed my trust in him. I found that when I placed my trust in him he would usually respect me and leave the biscuits alone until we got them out the next time to share around with a cup of tea. Sometimes he will still dive into them and eat them. He is no saint, there is a risk. That’s the thing with trust. There is a risk involved otherwise it would not mean anything.

When some players play golf they tell me that first they have to find something they can trust. So they go to the range or practice green and look for something they can trust in their swing. To me, that already tells me, that they do not trust their swing and since it is them who swings the club, they are really saying that they do not trust themselves. Well if you don’t trust yourself on the golf course, who can you trust?

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