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Dramatic Improved Performance from Dorset Lady Golfer with Golf is a Mind Game

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For one Dorset based lady golfer, the professional horizon looks even better for her thanks to the coaching she’s recently had from well known Performance Coach, Jon Adler.

Due to a recent injury which meant that she couldn’t play for a period of time coupled with her loss of confidence she recently employed the services of Jon  Adler of Golf is a Mind Game with remarkable results! Jon has been working with 23 year old Kerry-Anne Haskell of Ferndown, Dorset since he received a phone call from Kerry-Anne, at the start of this season.

The Bournemouth University student says “I’ve been playing golf for about 13 years now due to the encouragement of my Father – and it was all going so well until I sustained Tendonitis which scuppered my golfing ability for some time.  But I was so determined to get back into it, and to play at a national level again I knew that to achieve that I needed to improve my game, especially my putting, so on the recommendation of my club pro Adam Sawyer, I gave Jon a call.”

And now?….Kerry-Anne, a Dorset County Player, beams with pride and has no hesitation in saying that she is now playing her best golf, has her lowest handicap ever – and her overall game has improved at least 50%, mostly down to the coaching she’s had from the area’s leading Performance Coach, Jon Adler.

Jon goes on to say that Kerry-Anne is a great pupil to work with as she really applies herself and takes on board everything that is coached, “She has worked hard and been brave enough to try something different from the usual Positive Thinking nonsense.”, says Jon! 

There is no question that the coaching that Jon has undertaken with Kerry-Anne has improved her game, but what areas have they been working on to make such a dramatic improvement to her game?  Kerry-Anne explains, “One of the main areas I needed to work on was my Focus – focusing on the task in hand, not the bigger picture and taking your mind away from the end result; one step at a time.  It was also about understanding my negative thought patterns – and allowing them to change which ultimately improved my confidence in my game.

Jon has had such a great impact on my playing, and I recommend anyone to invest time and money into a good Performance Coach – and Jon is one of the best!”

“Working with Kerry-Anne is great, she’s such a good student – she has an open, inquisitive mind and she is learning from all her experiences now.  And the proof is in the pudding, look at her game now – she’s really going places and I’m so glad I could help.”

For further information about Jon Adler and Golf is a Mind Game or to book a course, please log onto or call: 01202 522152 or visit Jon Adler (Golf is a Mind Game) on Facebook, Twitter and his WordPress Blog.

If you would like to find out more about Golf is a Mind Game or would like to interview Jon Adler, please contact Darren Northeast of Spiral MPR (working on behalf of Jon Adler) on 01202 676762 or

Photos show Jon Adler and Kerry-Anne Haskell during a Coaching session

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