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Practice Well

If you have a tendency towards perfectionism, then control your mind and stop it obsessing over the “perfect swing”. If you are the sort of golfer who endlessly fiddles with your swing yet fail to produce your best golf when it matters then you may want to re-think your how you practice. You are practicing doubting and thinking about your swing. When you play I would suggest you want to Trust and think less about your swing, so wouldn’t it make sense to practice these skills?

How? I hear you say. Well it is possible. My coaching is all about developing Relaxed Concentration as you swing the golf club. This leads to a quiet mind, less thinking. In turn this develops self Trust. You can begin by making a decision to go to the range and hit far fewer balls but hit each one with full focus and concentration. Resist the urge to correct your swing. Trust your body, it knows what to do. You may be surprised at how good your body reacts if you stop doubting it.
It is your mind that needs the work not your body.

Here are two questions for you.

How do you know when you are really concentrating your mind well?

How would you go about improving your concentration?

To really develop the levels of relaxed concentration needed to play your best golf when it matters, come for some coaching with me. You deserve it.

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