Golf Psychology Book

In this book there are practical exercises, psychological ideas and interesting stories to help you to;

Learn how to let go and play your best golf when it matters
Stop getting so frustrated when you play
Develop a calm and equanimous mind
Understand how anxiety affects your game
Improve your concentration
Stop doubting your ability
Develop trust and confidence
Discover how you get in your own way
Strike the ball like you do in practice
Overcome anxiety
Chip it stiff
Develop confidence and feel on the putting green
Learn to concentrate under pressure

What do you do when positive thinking stops working? Really, I’m serious. If you have ever tried being really positive while playing golf, you may have experienced some success but what do you do when you start playing poorly? It is very hard to keep positive when you have no idea where the ball is going.

I tried the positive thinking route myself and when things got tough the only explanation for my poor performance was that I was not being positive enough. There had to be more to it than that I thought, so I went about trying to discover the truth about how our mind gets in the way of good performance. What I found changed the way I played and coached golfers forever.

Within this book you will find all the information you need to overcome many of golf’s problems. You will learn how to let go of fear and anxiety while you play the game. Discover what self-doubt does to your game and learn how to overcome it. With practice you can develop a calm, balanced mind for golf, a mind that is not constantly worried about the score, a mind that is not swinging from one mood to another. You can stop feeling angry & frustrated by seeing for yourself how you are sabotaging your chances.

The key skill that you will learn to improve is the skill that underpins peak performance in every walk of life, relaxed concentration. Golfers and golf commentators often talk about focusing well and good concentration, but there is little information about how to improve and perfect relaxed concentration, a skill that all agree is a prerequisite for good golf.

This is not popular golf psychology. I will not encourage you to sit in a chair, close your eyes & imagine yourself playing really well. If you want the positive thinking route then don’t buy this book. I only deal with reality. In fact it has been said that my techniques are so simple that you actually think much less on the golf course & play better. Does that sound good to you?

I am not going to give you 20 free bonuses if you buy today, nor am I going to offer you money back guarantees. There are no guarantees but I promise you that if you are patient & practice these simple exercises with an open mind you will get the benefits. You will also have direct access to me. Call or email me with any questions along the way.

Are you ready to uncover your potential?

Available to download for Kindle, Apple Ipad, Sony Reader, Nook, Kobo, PC and most other reading devices.

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