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Have you ever wondered just how many shots slip away due to your mental ability?

Golf Psychology

Through my experience its not all about simply positive thinking.

Mental Golf

As a golfer myself, I know only too well that “mental golf”, as I call it, can sometimes drive you to the edge of madness.

Putting and Chipping Yips

Putting yips or chipping yips – most golfers at some stage of their golfing career would have experienced them to one degree or another.

Do you play your best golf when it really matters?

When you make a poor swing do you always look for answers from your body? Perhaps it was your mind that got in the way. You try to iron out swing problems, not mind problems. This leaves you feeling frustrated because you cannot find the answers to your questions.

It is like losing your keys in the basement and looking for them upstairs because the light is better.

Wouldn’t it make sense to stop looking to your swing for all the answers and start looking at yourself?

My coaching enables you to experience for yourself the reality of how the mind affects the body. One to one coaching over the telephone or in person can help you to realise your golfing potential.

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Do you find it difficult to really let go and play the way you know you can?

Coaching by telephone, face to face or attending a Golf School can help you to increase your ability to handle competitive play and allow you to play your best golf when it matters. I have been coaching golfers since 2001, from all of the Tours. European, Seniors, Challenge, Euro Pro, EPD, Jamega, Pro66 and others. See my testimonials page.

If you are a professional golfer, or a keen amatuer, and your results are not as good as you would like, wouldn’t it make sense to stop looking at your swing and start looking at yourself?

Do you struggle to perform to your potential in competitions or tournaments? Perhaps you suffer from the chipping or putting yips? If so, then perhaps you might be interested in learning how to develop these skills?

  • Learn how to let go and play your best golf when it matters
  • Stop getting so frustrated when you play
  • Develop a calm and equanimous mind
  • Understand how anxiety affects your game
  • Improve your concentration
  • Stop doubting your ability
  • Hole more short putts
  • Develop trust and confidence
  • Discover how you get in your own way.
  • Strike the ball like you do in practice
  • Overcome anxiety
  • Chip it stiff
  • Develop confidence and feel on the putting green
  • Learn to concentrate under pressure

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  • Putting or Chipping Yips Video
  • Golf Yips eBook
  • Telephone Coaching Sessions

Silver Overcome the Yips

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Platinum Overcome the Yips

  • 5 x 30 min telephone coaching

Hi Again Jon

Thought I’d take the opportunity to write my testimonial whilst I’m on line – hope you can use it.

After months of frustration and coming very close to giving the game up I decided to try sport psychology as a last resort. Following extensive research I found Jon Adler and another “professional psychologist” who was highly qualified and had worked with the likes of Jess Ennis and Liverpool FC. Surely she would have the answers.

Well I spent almost a full day with the “professional” which cost a fortune and got absolutely nothing out of it except “Think Positive” – well to be honest we don’t go to the golf club thinking negative or saying “I’m going to play terrible today” yet no matter how positive I thought that’s what happened.

So I bought Jon Adlers eBook and read it a few times, the opening chapter more or less could have been written for me. So I booked two days with Jon and went to see him in May. WHAT AN EYE OPENER. Never once did we talk about swing, stance, grips – all the stuff that you’d expect from a coach, instead we spent two days just enjoying trying new things, experimenting and learning how to have fun when playing – I know that sounds daft but that’s what was missing – I’d forgotten that its a game and should be fun. Not only that but Jon also gave me so much confidence without changing anything else in my game except my mind-set.

In summary, its now been two weeks since I saw Jon, I had a blip and Jon soon put me back on track via an email and my handicap has come down by a full 3 points but more importantly I’m enjoying my golf more than ever and my friends are enjoying playing with me too as I’m no longer moaning and groaning and bad company.

For the price of a decent driver or a few more pro lessons telling you how bad your swing is you could spend a day with Jon and actually make a difference to yourself and play more fun, enjoyable golf. I can’t recommend it enough and I will definitely be spending another day or two with Jon in July.

Chris Peters

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